Website Customization?

Website customization can refer to any of the following:

  • Creating custom website software
  • Changing a website's template design
  • Creating a website from scratch
  • Adding programming scripts to an existing website

Creating Custom Website Software

Websites can be given many capabilities by adding special programming code to website pages. Most website pages are "static" or simply display website content such as text, graphics and photographs. Custom website software can allow you to let website visitors register through your website, then have access to their own account information after they have been verified.

Changing a Website's Template Design

Most websites today use a content management system, which will utilize one or more "templates" to control the look and feel of the overal page structure and how the text appears on the page. Many content management systems will come with a basic template, but may require customizing the template in order to re-arrange the page elements.

Often a completely new template design is created, then converted to a template which is used withing the website. In this context, the entire design is customized.

Creating a Website From Scratch

While most websites today will use a content management system to give structure and capabilities to the website, some websites may be built from scratch. While this approach will allow for a very customized look and feel for the website, this approach may be better suited for a very small website, where managing content within the website is not a big issue.

Adding Programming Scripts to an Existing Website

Adding an Online Operator or a Chat System, a Support Ticket System or a Survey to an existing website can be accomplished by integrating a programming script or website application with your website.

This approach can turn an otherwise static website into an interactive website without having to rebuild the entire website. There are many different programming scripts or applications available, and most can be customized and adapted to fit within an existing website so they appear to be part of the website, not an afterthought.

Additional Articles

Our Website Redesign and our Website Applications article categories offers several in-depth articles about customization and making changes to a website.


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